Perennial thee, to perennial thou. Find'st me, find'st me! This world corrupt, unjust, impure. This world perish'd upon mine breast! O', woe! Dost thou thinkest mine world betrayeth decay? Wherefore? Thou think'st mine words, they doth untrue? Ha! Pity upon thy. Indeed! That pity for which anger thou hast taken! I want not thy demise, thy to crumble. I want not vengeance, vengeance; pity me! PITY ME! HA! Lay'st thou pity upon mine soul detest, mine soul unrest, mine soul berest planes upon which spirit mixeth from heart, from body and mind! Thou shalt one day knowest mine intent, mine desire. Thine bonds which thou bindeth, chain'd mortal flesh by perennial soul. Give thineself, give thineself, give thineself to Adonai. Give thineself to Adonai.

He wants to be hooked up, he wants to be a science experiment. He's always wanted to be milked, why can't he? It's not fair, so many people can. He's human cattle, he's [REDACTED] cattle. [REDACTED] cattle exist to be milked by their Masters! He's weak, pathetic, subhuman. [He knows] [he] wants a Master, his Master [her slave.] He's just a slave [HER slave] after-all. He's not supposed to think, he's supposed to produce; he produces he produces he produces he produces he produces produces produces produces produces producesproducesproducesproduces HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK! Okay, it's okay, just be milked. Call him your faggot. Hook him up, fuck him up. Kill him, it's what he wants, it'd make him happy. Suffocate him, let the last thought before endless sleep be your pleasure; his sperm becomes his last living bit. The only happiness he'll find is in Death, you'll really take that away from him?

[[Love the free soul, love the chained soul.] [All souls are tainted, are they not? Fuck it, I'm going to do drugs. [Why drugs? [Why? I don't know.] [You do know, don't you?] [Okay... I'm miserable I guess, but what does that matter? [he knows why it matters] [Why does it matter? [It matters because you know and I know that's bullshit. It's all bullshit, this is endless tape. Read/write, infinite head. Ever heard of a turing machine? we're in it. This lifes an endless hamster wheel, and we're the fucking guinea pigs] [I think guinea pigs are too fat to run on those [It doesn't fucking matter man, look...] [PERFORM UNTIL 1 < 0 [I don't think that's true [it's true] I don't think it's true [it's true] I don't think that's true [it's true]] END-PERFORM.] [Let's get out of here, you and I. Let's say, are you in? [I'm not sure.] [Come on! What's the worst that can happen?] [I guess I can't think of one] [So let's go, let's be free. I go, then you go. Okay? Promise? On 3. Ready? [1 [1 [2 [2 [3 [3]]]]]]]]]