why can't people be who they want to be?

i can't accept the world as it is. i wish for a pure worlda world where people could be beautiful. i want you to be yourself, i don't want you to hold back. i know it's hard, maybe impossible at times. it's a pain i can't face. there's so much potential, i've felt and seen it. that potential feels limitless, but is out of reach. i wish there was no masking. you're fine just the way you are, really. don't pretend for others!

(i know you have to...)

(...i wish you didn't.)

i hate mass media, i hate alt media, i hate it all. it's all trying to contain your identity, your spirit; i really hate that. i wish you could truly be yourself, who you are at your core, who you were as a child. i wish everyone co uld. i wish everyone's souls could blossom; become pure and light! let 3,000,000,000 cultures bloom! let 3,000,000,000 selves emerge. a world where one isn't clay for culture to mold, whose parents won't dictate who they should and should not be, who they can and cannot be. no gendered, no cultured. no norms, no standard.

i can't accept the world as it is. i wish for a world where people cared, a world where people could be compassionate. i want you to cry, i don't want you to hold back. i want you to ring true, i want you to be loved. i wish everyone loved each other, at least each other's humanities, each others souls. i don't want you to hide anymore, i wish you weren't afraid. i wish there was no fear, no phobia. i wish we could love and be loved, unequivically. i wish we abandoned earthly power for something much more. more comfort, more security, the last thought in bed always being "i'm at peace."

i hate the world as it is. it's hard for me to accept. i know it'll take time, and even then i will never fully accept it. i want to change the world in some small way, for some small amount of people. i want to take away your pain, everyone's pain. i want to give you reason to get out of bed, i want you to know you are genuinely loved.

the world's a scary place, disconnected and ruthless. people like us don't survive. but take my hand, and let's bravely set foot together. as long as you're with me, i feel like nothing can go wrong. place trust in me as i trust you, let's find the purity, connection, warmth, affirmation and love we all seek deep down.

let's discover happiness, in our own little ways.

let's do it together.