she feels pain. he feels pain. "what am i? am i real? what am i?" it's hard. she wants to be herself, why can't she? she is, but she's not. everyone should be. it's hard, society is cruel; a conveyer belt. the assembly line pushing drone, drone everything. she wants to be beautiful, but how? what is beautiful? beautiful to her is atypical, is atypical good? she doesn't know. he doesn't know. he wants to be normal, he desires a sense of normality in his own way. they want to be pure; he wants to be sweet. he can't be sweet, people are watching (man). why hate him for being soft, for being sweet. they hate him for everything. they hate her for abnormality, she loves her "normal". fuck, this sucks, huh?

read about it, it's true; this is reality and they know it. they do what they want to do what they want, but are confined: the invisible hand must feed, so feed it slaves. they don't want to, but you must; "let's opt out." WRONG, don't you see you're a slave? you think there's something you can do?

you hate them? fucking do something. can't let them be how they want to? why? why not do something about it? are you scared? because you don't care as much as you think. keep posting your meemays, keep preaching to those of whom think they already believe. man, that shit is sad. i fucking hate it. do sometihng? do sometihng? do sometihng? why are mad at people for doing something they believe in? holy shit that is pathetic. keep posting while the world around you is changed by those whom are strong enough to do something.

he wants to cry, but he can't; he wishes he can. why can't he? he wants to be pretty, why can't he? it's weird, isn't it? he thinks so, he wants you tocry too. he feels bad when he's made fun of, he looks at people disliking him, he's bullied at school. you wonder why shit happens. be nice to people, he just wants you to be nice to him and accept him.

he wants to cry to cry so bad, it feels so good. why can't you cry, anon? are you scared? don't want to be soft? it's okay, i accept you, he accepts you, she accepts you and the "you" you want to be. be who you want, stop appeasing people. i want you to be happy, i want you to cry. ">implying", implying.

it's okay, it'll all be okay.