where one world ends, another begins. locked away, infosphere grows exponential. social paradigm shifts from physical to transpersonal, unveiling the way to vast webs of communication. small colonies exist there; pilgrims, leading a way to the new existence. abnormal, youth left to their own devices. children, that whom substituted their lack of physical with technological. a path carved from ruin and sadness, strife and loneliness. a proxy-world; a just world for those left behind. a world to be built upon new values. learned and spread. seized and believed. razed the status-quo; the new normal arrives. hope for a generation lost, found amongst a sea of information. tsunami crash, and wash away the sins of their elders. physical bodies foregone for new identities. their avatars constructed into the ideal selves, their souls lain bare. a world of connection, what they only dreamed of. arms linked, soul nodes weave; invisible, absolute. a rebellion by society's lost and broken; with no decay. no loneliness. an invisible network of infinite connection. no one needs to be alone. no one should be alone.

i want to connect.
i want to be connected.
i don't want to be alone.
i don't want anyone to be alone.
i want to merge.
i want everyone to merge.
it's unfair, isn' it?
so close, yet so far.
there's temptation in death, knowing connection awaits.
the pain of diaspora will be eased one day;
and one day i'll feel it.