Weird! Nothing going on here. Anybody else see who go t married? Anybody see those celebrities break up? Did you see those (SAME SEX!) celebrities making out? It's a crazy world we live in, it's hot, fast, sleek and changing; here today gone tomorrow. The latest fashion, the latest accessories, the latest tech; we live in the future and it's about time you upgraded. Still on that puny 4g? Buy the Pacific Bell(R)-Western Electric(R)-Sprint(R)-Nextel(R)-Mobile(R)-Orange(R)-APPLE(R)-iPHONE(R) 12XXXL and fry your braincells with Huawei's(R) patented space-aged 5g technology. Put a grape in the microwave, now put your brain next to one of the millions of inconspicuous Huawei® cell towers. The chemical makeup of your noggin will shape and become superhuman, you'll become a fucking ninja turtle. You'll live in the sewers, you'll have to get by eating garbage the rest of your life because you're a hideous fucking freak who can't be seen in daylight, or else people will attack you or report you to the authorities like its Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines. You got the heat on you and you're fucked, but what are they gonna do? Bring you to the lab and experiment on you, they're gonna conduct the most god awful dissection sessions you've never thought of. It's Unit 731+1, and it's your new normal. Shell cracked in two, spitroasted by 2 masked men you've never seen or smelled before. Their semen will infiltrate you, and your body will attempt to purge it. You'll start to like it, you'll become addicted to it. They'll make you beg to be violated, they'll call you names. But deep down you know this is all fucked, your last shred of humanity waning as they inject more toxins into you. You wanna go to sleep but you can't, your head throbbing as you can feel every last braincell morph into a gelatinous substance. They extract it once a month, they say they're putting it in perfume. You can barely remember what that even means. You wake up [you don't sleep] you run laps [you're tired] you wanna go home [where?] I thought you wanted pizza, but you really didn't. You just lust for things you'd never thought before, you're completely changed. Your transformation is complete, you're a sideshow freak for some faceless fat-cats amusement; a hollow shell of what was your former self and you don't really care. Your insides corroded, you're just a cow whose organs are milked for bio-fuel, powering the future scents of AXE(R) bodyspray; you only wish that you could have some as you waste in your cell, toiling endlessly as your mind paces with excitement; you're at bat, don't strike out.